2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD

Call for participation

The annual CAD Contest in Taiwan, sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), has been held for 13 consecutive years and has successfully boosted the EDA research momentum in Taiwan. It has been internationalized under the joint sponsorship of IEEE CEDA and Taiwan MOE since last year. In the first year of this new contest, 2012 CAD Contest at ICCAD, more than 50 teams from 7 regions have been attracted to join. Many results of the top teams have been further enhanced and converted to top international conference and/or journal papers. In the second year, CAD Contest at ICCAD becomes more well- known and well-organized, and is believed to bring more significant contributions to our global EDA community. You are invited to participate!


In the second year (2013), we design three contest problems covering three distinct areas:

  1. Technology Mapping for Macro Blocks contributed by Taiwan Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

  2. Placement Finishing – Detailed Placement and Legalization contributed by IBM Research, Austin, TX.

  3. Mask Optimization contributed by IBM Research, East Fishkill, NY.

Evaluation and ranking

  1. Each contest problem is ranked separately.

  2. The quality metrics are determined by the problem specifications, including correctness, runtime and memory usage.

  3. Each submitted program will be evaluated by the announced benchmarks and hidden benchmarks.

  4. The officially supported programming language will be C/C++. For other languages, please check with the contest organizers first. MATLAB is prohibited for use in the contest.

  5. The library that can be used in the contest is the standard C/C++ library.

  6. System specification:
    Linux version: TBD
    Gcc version: TBD
    GNU libc version: TBD


The contest winners receive monetary awards (students only) and certificate.




1st Place

One team for each topic

1. Certificate of 1st Place presented by ICCAD
2. NTD50,000/team
(approx. US$1650)

Certificate of 1st Place presented by ICCAD

2nd Place / 3rd Place

Two teams for each topic

1. Certificate of 2nd / 3rd Place presented by ICCAD
2. NTD
(approx. US$1000)

Certificate of 2nd / 3rd Place presented by ICCAD

  1. The reward amount in US dollars fluctuates slightly according to currency variations.
  2. According to the tax law in Taiwan, 10% reward will be charged by tax for the Taiwanese taxpayers, while 20% will be charged by tax for foreign taxpayers.
  3. We reserve the right to change the number of prize winners.

Tentative Contest Schedule

1. Call for participation March 15, 2013
2. Official website open March 15, 2013
3. Problem description announcement March 15, 2013
4. Registration deadline May 31, 2013
5. Alpha submission June 25, 2013
6. Submission deadline August 31, 2013
7. Final announcement November 2013 (at ICCAD)

Remark: Changes of team members, advisors or contest problems should be made by the deadline of registration.

Other Information

  1. Registration link:

  2. For any other inquiries, please send emails to:

  3. Please add "ICCAD2013_Contest" to the subject line for any emails regarding the contest.

  4. Any update will be announced on CAD contest website:

  5. There would be a special session organized for the contest at ICCAD 2013. This session includes three presentations from the contest organizers for the three contest problems and the award ceremony.

Details of Alpha Submission

Please be reminded that the Alpha submission deadline is 5pm(UTC+8) on Tuesday, June 25,2013. CAD contest server has been built successfully. You may now upload your Alpha program to our server. Please submit your Alpha program follow the steps below:

Download and install a FTP client software. For more general and technical information of different FTP client software, please check at: Comparison of FTP client software

Login to the CAD contest server using the FTP client:
IP address:
Transfer Protocol: SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
Port: 22
Login name: Registration number (e.g. cada001)
Login password: Password given while you have finished the registration

Upload the required files.
The following 2 files should be included in the alpha submission:
1. A binary executive file: Please use your registration number as the file name if there’s no special guideline for naming in your selected problem, e.g. team no. cada001 should name the executive file as "cada001". If there is naming instruction in your selected problem, please follow the instruction.
2. A text file: You should describe how you run the program (in English) in that text file. The file should be named as "Readme".

You are advised to log in to the server within these 2 days, thus you may still have time to ask for help if you find any difficulties.

Special Announcement: Top X teams of the 2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD

We are pleased to announce the top X teams of our contest.
The following team numbers are NOT listed according to the ranking.
Congrats to:

Top 8 teams of Problem A

Top 10 teams of Problem B

Top 5 teams of Problem C

All the Top X teams are requested to record a 1- to 2-minute video show to introduce the program you wrote. These video shows will be played in the Award Ceremony. We have informed the Top X teams the details through emails. Thank you for your attention.

Special Announcement II: Congratulations to the Winners of 2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD. We are delighted to announce the Top 3 winners of our contest.

Congrats to:
First Place of Problem A
Xing Wei, Yi Diao & Tak-Kei Lam – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Advisor: Prof. Yu-Liang Wu
Team name: ShowMeWay

Second Place of Problem A
Ching-Yi Huang, Wei-An Ji, Yu-Min Chou, Zheng-Shan Yu, Yung-Chun Hu,
Chian-Wei Liu, Chen-Yu Lin & Jui-Hung Chen – National Tsing Hua University
Advisor: Prof. Chun-Yao Wang & Prof. Yung-Chih Chen
Team name: WCYLab-BACH

Third Place of Problem A
Peter Ran Xie, Daniel Scott Maclennan & Andrew Patrick Segavac – University of Michigan
Advisor: Prof. Igor Markov
Team name: Boulders & Dust

First Place of Problem B
Wing-Kai Chow, Jian Kuang, Xu He & Wenzan Cai – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Advisor: Prof. Evangeline F.Y. Young
Team name: CUHK

First Place of Problem B
Chau-Chin Huang, Chien-Hsiung Chiou, Zhi-Wen Lin & Kai-Han Tseng– National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Yao-Wen Chang
Team name: NTU-DP

Third Place of Problem B
Hung-Hao Lai, Chieh-Min Wang & Sergiy Popovych – National Chiao Tung University
Advisor: Prof. Wen-Chih Peng
Team name: Banana

First Place of Problem C
Jian Kuang, Wing-Kai Chow & Kwun Ping Lai –The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Advisor: Prof. Evangeline F.Y. Young
Team name: Dawn

Second Place of Problem C
Jhih-Rong Gao, Bei Yu & Xiaoqing Xu –The University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Prof. David Z. Pan
Team name: UTOPC

Third Place of Problem C
Yu-Hsuan Su, Yu-Chen Huang & Liang-Chun Tsai –National Taiwan University
Advisor: Prof. Yao-Wen Chang & Prof. Kuen-Yu Tsai
Team name: NTUopc

Please accept our heartiest congratulations!

Highlights of the Award Ceremony at ICCAD

The Award Ceremony was successfully held on November 19.
Please click to watch the Highlights of 2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD.

You may click the following links to see the Video shows of the Top 3:
1. Video shows of Problem A
2. Video shows of Problem B
3. Video shows of Problem C

You may also click the following links to see the presentations of our contest chair and topic chairs in the Award Ceremony at ICCAD:
1. Introduction to 2013 CAD Contest at ICCAD (Opening)
2. Presentation of Problem A
3. Presentation of Problem B
4. Presentation of Problem C


  1. Contest chair:
    Zhuo Li (IBM Research, Austin, TX, USA)

  2. Contest Co-chairs:
    Iris Hui-Ru Jiang (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
    Jane Wang (Cadence Design Systems Inc., Taiwan)
    Natarajan Viswanathan (IBM Research, Austin, TX, USA)

  3. Topic chairs:
    Jane Wang (Cadence Design Systems Inc., Taiwan)
    Myung-Chul Kim (IBM Research, Austin, TX, USA)
    Shayak Banerjee (IBM Research, East Fishkill, NY, USA)


  1. IEEE CEDA (Technical sponsorship)

  2. Ministry of Education, Taiwan  (Financial sponsorship)